EP 36: Turn Down for Naught with Brendan Macgranachan


Recorded on Nov. 6, 2014

The prodigal sans-lingual son, Brendan best essay writing service reviews Macgranachan, returns!

Thirteen months after his first appearance, Brendan comes back to talk about failing grade school French hard but why he wants to visit Montreal, Quebec. The trio discusses Lil Jon’s new classic “Turn Down for What” and how Erika knew that song exposed a turning point in her life – and how Kim Mitchell fits into it all.¬†Adam and Brendan debate the finer points of the Trailer Park Boys series, Norm MacDonald during his SNL days, and the social relevance of South Park. Finally, Brendan talks parody Twitter accounts, like Brandon’s legendary announcer/deejay, DJ BlingBling, the value of the comments section on websites, and his fascination with blind items gossip sites.


Crazy Days and Nights – Blind Items

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