Ep 23: In the Air Tonight


Recorded on April 8, 2014

Adam and Erika wax a little nostalgic this episode – from Phil Collins’ iconic song in strange mid-2000’s Cadbury commercial, to growing up with their parents music, they remember. Erika tells two strange-but-true tales of two people who did unbelievable things to get what they wanted. Adam is craving a Denny’s blog update because he’s intrigued about “Marty the Denny’s Tumblr Dad” and Denny’s innovative new “breakfast burrito” (hint: it’ll change your life). The duo discusses the best and worst comic strips out there, but “the new Flappy Bird” game, AKA robfordthegame.com,  distracts Erika. The show ends with a music video shot entirely in Grand Theft Auto V.

Links to some stuff we talked about

McDonalds Tattoo

Drunk Notre Dame Student Breaks Into Spa, Steals Hot Pockets


Archie is getting killed off

The Best 25 Sunday Comics of All Time


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