EP 22: Setting off the Lunk Alarm


Recorded on March 24, 2014

This episode, Erika and Adam will blow your mind with fun food facts – like the three-phase plan a hummus brand is using to hook the average American on the delicious dip. Later, they chat about Creationists trying to get air-time on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos show, and the LA Beast doing the gallon of Tabasco challenge. Erika’s chats about the Xbox One documentary on digging up the Atari E.T. game from the legendary landfill where video games go to die. The duo share real life stories from the gym and the concept of Planet Fitness’s Lunk Alarm. Erika shares an alternative way to treat mutant head lice, and Adam discusses a boat lost at sea that may be filled with cannibal rats.

Links to some stuff we talked about

Americans don’t know what hummus is

Play E.T. – Escape from Planet Earth


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