EP 17: (Petite) Raisin the Roof with Marta Vodrey

EP 17: (Petite) Raisin the Roof with Marta Vodrey

Recorded Jan. 12, 2014

Marta Vodrey, super-mom and lifestyle blogger extraordinaire behind the popular blog, petiteraisin.ca, joins Adam and Erika in this jam packed episode. From the Winnipeg Jets, to parenting and Marta’s toddler’s biggest health scare, they dig right in. The trio has a passionate discussion about blog culture and the power of social media. Adam talks about his high school job at a community centre, and exposes the secret to scamming candy machines.

The group discusses the security risks of the iPhone vs Blackberry, the Kijiji community vs Craigslist, and the new way to hitchhike. They also consider parenting observations and advice from Louis CK, the devolution of Facebook, and more!

Some things we talked about

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