EP 13: Level Up – Video games, zines, & more with Albertine Watson


Recorded on November 17th, 2013

Albertine Watson joins Adam and Erika this episode. Albertine dishes on her video-game zine Heart Container, re-launching in early 2014. The group discusses the future of video games – like blockbuster Hollywood actors acting in video games, to the Oculus Rift, a 3D virtual-reality game system. They chat about their favourite games, retro games, childhood games they never got to play, and the weirdest games they know. They debate the difference between PC gaming vs console gaming. Later, Adam talks about trading lunch snacks in school like he was in jail, and Albertine chats about the challenges of being gluten-free.

This episode has everything from A to Zine!

Links to some stuff we talked about

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