EP 12: Built Ford Tough


Recorded on Nov. 5, 2013

Five months after their pilot episode and the Crackstarter campaign kerfuffle, Adam and Erika are back full circle with a breaking Rob Ford update! The duo have a heated discussion about the public image of cheap cialis online politicians, and Adam wonders about the psychology behind racism. Erika lightens the mood with some Ron Burgundy talk, which gets them going about whether male-centric movies are appealing to women and vice-versa. Adam describes his love-hate relationship with the HBO show Girls and Erika explains her disinterest in Lena Dunham. The pair round out the show with a mind-blowing marching band, retro video games, the disappointment and disbelief that comes from a faux-Full House reunion –  and where Jodie Sweetin is now.

Links to some stuff we talked about

Rob Ford admits to smoking crack

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin

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