EP 11: The Basement Tapes – Part 2


Recorded on Oct. 21, 2013

Part two of the “basement tapes” kicks off with aHalloween twist and the theme runs through the whole show, with discussion about everything from the nostalgia of filling up your pillowcase when you were a kid to the trend of kids trick-or-treating at the mall. The duo design an innovative new product called “The Crumb-Catcher”, and Adam divulges that he wants to find out what it is that a XXX-hypnotist does. Erika chats about the upcoming Central Canada Comic Con (C4). Adam wonders how many horror movies have ever won an Oscar and they dish on their favourite horror films. The show ends with Adam theorizing about the zombie apocalypse and vampirism. He asks Erika to devise a zombie escape plan, then outlines his own.


Links to some stuff we talked about

Central Canada Comic Con

Oscar Winning Horror Movies 

10 Tips For Creating Your Zombie Escape Plan



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