EP 10: The Basement Tapes – Part 1


Recorded on October 7th, 2013

In a semi-Halloween themed episode, Adam and Erika record their own “basement tapes” – in a more Bob Dylan way than a Columbine killers way. This kicks off a discussion about bullying, the new (probably) Columbine-inspired movie ‘The Dirties’, and the Kevin Smith Movie Club. Adam critiques the Breaking Bad finale (spoiler alert!) and Erika divulges her new goal in life (hint: it involves shooting lasers). The conversation turns to grocery shopping at Dollarama and the greeting card industry. Finally, the pair ponder the strange concept of night clubs for kids, and reminisce about their nerdy high school pasts – from setting up the sock-hop sound systems to joining Reach for the Top.

Links to some stuff we talked about

The Dirties trailer

Bully trailer

Offensive Halloween Costumes

Jeffrey Tambor

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