EP 09: Guns Hot with Brendan Macgranachan


Recorded on September 21st, 2013

Brendan Macgranachan joins Adam and Erika as a guest. Brendan pumps his new sports radio show, Manitoba Sports Report, debuting on Red River Radio in October.

Adam and Brendan weigh in on sports chants, and Erika is confused about the hockey term “icing”. Brendan describes himself as “sans-lingual”, and Erika explains what living with someone who is “sans-lingual” is like. The boys talk sports movies from the ‘90s, and how awkward it is to Facebook creep someone and then run into them in real life.

The boys face off with Emmy predictions, and in keeping with the sports theme, the trio comes up with a team name and slogan for themselves.


Links to some stuff we talked about:

Listen to Brendan’s show on Red River Radio

Honest Tailers – Breaking Bad

You can’t stalk our guest Brendan, but feel free to obsessively follow Adam or Erika on the Twitter machine instead.

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