EP 07: Breaking B(re)ad with Wesley Keeley


Recorded on August 25th, 2013

Wesley Keeley of Red River Radio fame guest hosts and dishes on his new radio show, Wes & the Goat in the Morning. The trio considers the creepy children’s book The Lonely Doll and chats about Breaking Bad. They sample the new Nine Inch Nails song, and they try to come up with the weirdest musical mash-up they can. Later, the threesome face off about the future of podcasting, radio, and TV. Adam explains vlogging. The trio scratches lottery tickets – Erika thinks she’s hit the jackpot and Adam thinks it was rigged. The show ends with a discussion of the advantages of 3D printing, and Ben Affleck as Batman.

Links to some stuff we talked about:

Wes & the Goat in the Morning

Vlogumentary (official trailer)

New Nine Inch Nails ‘Everything’

The Lonely Doll

Lonely doll 2 lonely_doll 3











Area 51 exists

3D Printing is cool

a98686_Oddee_3D_aston a98686_Oddee_3D_Cast

You can stalk our guest, Wes, on the Internet here.


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