EP 06: Ninja Kicked By A Platypus


Recorded on August 12th, 2013

Adam and Erika get very heated about the mid-season premiere of Breaking Bad when Erika watches the episode and wants to talk and Adam hasn’t seen it. Erika has another Mormon update. The pair chat about monotremes and marsupials. They toast their sixth episode, then Adam gives the rundown of his recent trip to Atlanta and discusses his voice-acting debut in a new internet cartoon, Pinheads Making Plans. The duo discuss recent trends in new TV shows and San Quentin state prison’s official Yelp page.

Links to some stuff we talked about:

The pie-eating contest cartoon described in Breaking Bad

Adam’s debut in cartoonland: Pinheads Making Plans – Here Comes Gary


Welp! San Quentin State Prison has a Yelp page.


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