EP 05: The Episode That Almost Wasn’t


Recorded on July 29th, 2013

Adam explains Pecha Kucha 20×20 to Erika and they discover the correct pronunciation of the word. Erika wants to name a trio of baby beavers on The Beaver Whisperer website, and laments her fake Facebook account won’t let her submit her suggestions – and Adam questions whether Erika is secretly “catfishing” people with her Facebook account. Later, Adam talks about Satanists performing “pink masses” for the Westboro Baptist Church and Erika has a Mormon update. Adam searches himself on Google Maps, introduces Erika to The Newsroom, and the duo discuss reality TV and dating shows.

Links to some stuff we talked about:

How to pronounce Pecha Kucha

Become a Beaver Whisperer! Use your OWN fake Facebook account and submit your suggestions for baby beaver names!

Read the article that “spawned” the talk about the Westboro Baptist Church here.

Watch a compilation of Crazy Eyes


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