EP 04: Magnets, Mormons, & Musicals


Recorded on July 15th, 2013

This episode, Erika says bookstores > malls, talks about her tastes in literature, and the racy book she’s reading right now. Adam reflects on his respect for Justin Timberlake, his feelings about grillz, and the art and science (magnetic ink and MRIs) of tattoos. In the middle of the show, Erika receives a surprising phone call, recounts her chance meeting with Mormon missionaries, and discusses her desire to read the Book of Mormon, which sparks a debate about religion. Later, Adam examines the conspiracy theory surrounding recently deceased journalist Michael Hastings, and rants about movie musicals.

Links to some stuff we talked about:

 The Scientific American examines MRIs and tattoo inks

The Michael Hastings conspiracy theory continues to swirl

The Book of Mormon Musical

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