EP 03: I Am Canadian?


Recorded on July 2nd, 2013

In honor of Canada Day, this episode revolves around surprising Canadian celebs – like The Rock, whom Adam has career recommendations for. Adam also discusses his favorite childhood TV shows. They cover the cronut craze sweeping NYC, Erika discovers the secret to simple slushies at home, and Adam shares a surprising smoothie recipe. Later, Adam explains the current podcast “patent trolling” issue. The duo chats about cocktails, Erika’s crossover on the craft-beer podcast, Pubchat Podcast, and how Urban Dictionary defines their names.


Links to some stuff we talked about:

Cronuts are crazy business.

Personal Audio’s Podcast Patent – And you can help save Podcasting here

Pubchat Podcast

Urban Dictionary defines Adam’s name


And here’s a crapload of shows from the 90’s that we love

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