EP 02: From Cereal to Celebs & Beyond


Recorded on June 17th, 2013

This episode, Erika explains her love for “weird Twitter” and Twitter comedy, Adam admits he’s a cereal freak, and the two clash about celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Canadian rocker couple Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger. Adam talks about high school tech programs now versus “back in the day” and editing video the old school way. The duo discusses differences between studying for university and college, and how “C’s get degrees”. Finally, Adam explains his admiration for talented people and describes his dream job.

Links to some stuff we talked about:


Field notes and PSA: Weird Twitter

Erika’s fave weird Twitter accounts (in no particular order):


Choy Facts



Brian Gaar


Erika’s fave comedy Twitter accounts:

Rob Delaney


Alex Baze


Scott Disick, in the Role He Was Born to Play, Promotes Yeezus


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