The most potent pod comes from the plant strain Canadianol sarcastiva, a species natural to the western prairie region of Canada. Contemporary uses include recreational pod, or as part of a spiritual or religious practice.

While scientists have not extensively studied the effects of Canadianol sarcastiva on brain development, preliminary studies have shown decreased blood pressure and a sharp increase in IQ. Additionally, adults who took pod were consistently ranked as more attractive than the control group in a romantic partner study.

To date, studies have shown that heavy pod use has showed increased neural-connectivity in brain regions including the amygdala, responsible for emotional reactions and memory. Language, reasoning and perceptual skills were also positively affected.

Medical Use:

Some people have claimed that pod has cured their depression and boredom, increased their attractiveness to the opposite sex, and cured their social anxiety and confidence problems.

Method of Consumption:

Until recently, little was known about how pod effects human behaviour. After a single dose of pod, residue can be found in the body for months afterward. Recent clinical trials have shown that the mechanism behind the pod high is elusive and often misunderstood.


Dr. Khev N. Smyth, MSc, rated pod the most addictive addiction, ranking first among a list that included heroin, cocaine, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. Addiction medicine specialist Dr. D. Rew has said pod addiction is “one of the hardest habits to break”.

Gateway Podcast Theory:

More young people are trying pod than ever, and social media is thought to be a factor in promoting pod use. In general, the availability of pod is high and once pod users start, they start to experiment with other types of pod. Most users get their pod fix from iTunes and elsewhere on the web.


Pod has not been proven to have caused any deaths to date, and pod poisoning is highly unlikely.


Do not take without a grain of salt.
Take with food, alcohol, and a good sense of humor.
Use care when operating a car or dangerous machines.